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Independent Member U.S. Risk Committee

  • New York, NY
  • Full Time

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Office Status: Hybrid

Salary: $110,000 – $120,000


  • The Committee will approve and periodically review the risk management policies of the Bank’s combined U.S. operations as defined under Regulation YY (the “U.S. Operations”) and oversee the risk-management framework of the U.S. Operations, in each case with respect to all material risks faced by the U.S. Operations including market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and operational risk. The Committee will oversee liquidity stress testing by the Bank with respect to the U.S. Operations conducted pursuant to the requirements of Regulation YY.

Expected responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing at least semi-annually and overseeing the implementation of the Bank’s U.S. Risk Policies, which govern, among other matters, the U.S. Operations’ risk governance, risk management procedures and risk control framework.
  • Receiving and reviewing information provided by the senior management of the U.S. Operations at least semi-annually to determine whether the U.S. Operations are operating in accordance
    with the established liquidity risk tolerance and to ensure that the liquidity risk tolerance for the U.S. Operations is consistent with the enterprise-wide liquidity risk tolerance established for the Bank.
  • Approving the contingency funding plan for the U.S Operation at least annually and whenever the Bank revises its contingency funding plan, and approving any material revisions to the contingency funding plan for the U.S Operation prior to the implementation of such revisions.
  • Reviewing significant business lines and products offered, managed or sold through the U.S. Operations at least annually to determine whether each business line or product creates or has created any unanticipated liquidity risk, and to determine whether the liquidity risk of each strategy or product is within the Bank’s established liquidity risk tolerance for the U.S. Operations.
  • Reviewing written reports prepared regularly (but no less frequently than annually) by the Bank’s Internal Audit Department regarding material liquidity risk management issues.