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Summary of the position

The Lead Auditor conducts audit assignments from planning to reporting. This includes an assessment of the audited activity, the performance of tests, analysis and controls and the issuance of recommendations. He/she is responsible for the consistency and comprehensiveness of the audit deliverables and, under the supervision of a Local Head of Audit, a Regional Supervisor or an Audit Manager, for drafting the debriefing presentation to management and the final report. He/she usually leads a team of several auditors. He/she may also perform himself/herself some controls.

He/she generally, but not exclusively, supervises audit assignments that have a focus on market risks. He/she provides support to other Managers for assignments where market risks expert knowledge and competencies are needed. He/she monitors the proper implementation of recommended corrective actions addressing these risks.

Key Responsibilities

The Lead Auditor is in charge of conducting assignments and to manage the team during the assignments. The assignments may be local, regional or global.

I – Conduct of assignment

The Lead Auditor conducts audit assignments from planning to reporting. This includes the following responsibilities:

– To assess the risks of the audited activities (market risks, credit risks, financial risks, non-compliance risks, operational risks, etc.) and to understand the related control set-up and their relevance

– To review and challenge the processes and the organizations in view of their respective purpose and mandates as well as the related risks, relying on fact based and documented audit works

– To verify the compliance of the audited unit’s processes with internal policies and procedures, and with the applicable laws and regulations

– To monitor the fieldwork carried out by the team and to adjust the fields of audit to the risks identified,

– To communicate openly with the Audit Manager / Head of Local Audit/ Regional Supervisor on progress made according to the pre-set timeframe

– To notify immediately the Audit Manager / Regional Supervisor / Head of Local Audit of any major control weaknesses (reputation, financial loss, compliance, etc.) identified during the audit review and comply with any escalation policy in the bank (including International Sanctions)

– To conduct interviews, debriefing meetings of conclusions with relevant top managers and line managers

– Review management response to the draft report and prepare counter-response if needed

– To produce all the deliverables following methodologies, as per the Audit Charter

II – Management of a team during an assignment

– Define objectives and perform end of assignment assessment for the team allocated during an assignment,

– Contribute to develop the team’s knowledge and skills, specially on market risks

– Prepare assignment planning and allocate work streams by team member and manage projects/tasks/staff and budget resources efficiently

– Ensure collaborative and productive relationship within the team and a good coordination throughout the International Network and with auditees

– Contribute to the continuous improvement of the team, for instance by training team members on capital markets, methodology, governance, regulation, or on new topics upon request from Audit Manager / Regional Supervisor / Head of Local Audit

III – Continuous Improvement Program / Transversal topics

The Lead Auditor contributes to the continuous improvement of methodologies and processes. As part of his/her responsibilities, he/she can be requested to:

– Contribute to the on-going development of knowledge and expertise on market risks, including regulations and guidelines (regulatory watch), auditing standards and best practices; attend industry or group events to keep abreast of relevant developments in capital markets and market risk management

– Proactively monitor the evolution of relevant strategies, projects, policies and procedures, changes in organization, process and/or systems implemented in the group to manage and mitigate market risks – Nurture and disseminate market risks understanding and relevant knowledge among auditors; contribute to the definition of their training programs and, if need be, deliver training sessions.

– Contribute to the creation or update of methodologies and audit processes/guides

– Build and share knowledge (e.g. through delivering training or taking part in various Methods and Support workstreams or assignments)

– Update Auditable Items scorecards in liaison with the relevant Audit Manager

– Share any relevant information with the Knowledge communities’ leaders and relevant Audit Partners

– Contribute to the market risk knowledge community

– Manage resources and budget of the assignment to achieve the objectives of the audit plan

– Contribute to the preparation of the audit plan, in coordination with the Audit Manager in charge The Lead Auditor is regularly trained on banking and regulatory matters and must have a sufficient knowledge of the audited area he/she is responsible for.

He/she must complete all the mandatory trainings within the defined timelines.

Role specific requirements

This role may require business travels in any relevant locations to conduct the assigned audits, for periods up to several consecutive weeks.

Lead Auditors must comply with the Audit Charter, in particular the five fundamental ethical principles (integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, expertise, and transparency) and all other locally applicable regulations.

Before or after an assignment, Lead Auditors shall have no direct operational responsibility or authority over any of the activities under review. They shall not develop systems or procedures, prepare records or engage in any activity, which belongs to the auditable perimeter.

Job Requirements:

· Bachelor or Master’s Degree in accounting, business, finance, engineering or related field

· 4 to 8 years of experience in audit

· Audit experience in one or more of the following fields: (Capital Markets, Financial / Operational auditing, External auditing, Information systems auditing)

· Organization, efficiency, meeting deadlines

· Project management (work organization, time planning, feedback, etc.)

· Verbal and written communication

· Interpersonal skills

· Autonomy and Leadership

· Self-confidence, ability to defend own findings and conclusions, ability to cope with stress

· Accuracy and reliability

· Analytical skills

· Fluent in English

· Basic French preferred

· Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of auditing

· Demonstrated ability to gather, analyze facts, and prepare and present concise reports

· Knowledge of organization and activities of the Bank,

· Ability to lead a group or work as part of a group to accomplish shared goals

· Capital Markets activities’ knowledge, market risks in particular

· Professional Accountancy/Auditing/Banking qualifications and/or certification (CFA, CPA, CIA, CISA, ACAMS) preferred

· Audit or consulting experience

· Capital markets experience

· Relationship management

· Capacity to cooperate

· Ability to work across disciplines and cultures

· Any specific skills knowledge in using core IT systems of the Bank (understanding of the data production, analysis of the results)

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