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VP, Market Risk Strategic Initiatives Specialist

  • New York, NY
  • Full Time

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Office Status: Hybrid

Salary: $142,000 – $176,000



  • Establish / maintain thresholds, at-risk levels, and exposure limits.
  • Prepare periodic reporting to analyze positions, compare to thresholds, and ensure compliance.
  • Work with business unit to optimize risk / return, remediate and avoid exceptions, and identify root causes of non-compliance and variances to expected performance.
  • Using existing risk models and guidelines, work with business unit to establish operational procedures, monitor compliance.
  • Identify necessary changes to both risk models and operating procedures.
  • Rationalize and optimize both transaction level controls and policies.
  • Evaluate and approve exceptions according to clip levels.
  • Ensure business partners are aware of their risk responsibilities (operational, market, credit, etc.) and provide knowledge of policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate new products and customer classes to ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Test transactions for compliance with established policies.
  • Assist in compliance, financial and regulatory examinations / audits.


  • Build your market perspective through relationships with market counterparties.
  • Facilitate relationships with units such as treasury and client-facing functions to better understand the risks in their businesses and the instruments they handle.
  • Improve workflows and data gathering / sharing through relationships with units such as finance, compliance, legal and IT.
  • Network within the industry through meetings, events, and involvement with trade organizations to better understand emerging risk trends and the products and clients of your business unit.
  • Establish relationships with auditors and regulators to better understand their concerns and reduce potential compliance issues.


  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of your business area to streamline workflows and design relevant controls / thresholds and analysis.
  • Have a solid understanding of risk frameworks, principles, types, and exposures to create meaningful exception reporting including analysis of risk / reward.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of modeling and analytical skills to create meaningful measurement and reporting on key risk exposures.
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of information technology to better gather, manage and monitor key data sets.
  • Use a working knowledge of finance and accounting to help quantify impact analysis and create meaningful thresholds, policies, and procedures.
  • Be familiar with financial services trends and emerging issues to update risk processes and avoid exceptions.
  • Apply a basic understanding of financial crimes, securities and other laws and regulations to create policies, procedures and reporting that reduce regulatory risk.
  • Communicate analytical data effectively