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The Temporary Staffing Division at Madison-Davis displays the highest quality of candidate profiles in Legal & Compliance, Audit, Risk, Application Development and Architecture, Project Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, and Accounting. Our Consulting Services seek to improve service levels for strategic investment, while reducing overall client costs

Screening of Potential Candidates

  • Our screening process is thorough and extensive.  We have several conversations and meetings with the candidates before we even consider submitting them to clients.
  • Starting with an initial phone screen, if the candidate has potential, we bring them into our office for a lengthy in-person screening where we go over details of their work history dating back to their first position and their education. 
  • Interviews typically last anywhere from 20-40 minutes and the candidate will meet several different members of our team. 
  • Reference Checks: We call at least 3 references for each candidate before submitting them to a client

Further, we provide resources to support these teams by way of customized staffing solutions, payroll services, integration, training, and personalized support. The Temporary Staffing team offers temp and temp-to-perm placements for our clients.

Madison-Davis follows the principle that there are three management disciplines of prime importance to businesses: leveraging technology, business networking, and building strategic alliances in order to achieve common goals. This is why we place strong emphasis on developing a direct relationship with our clients. The consultation process at Madison-Davis is informative, relevant, and client-driven from beginning to end and ensures each client’s specific requirements are successfully addressed.