Pros & Cons of Temporary Employment

When conducting a thorough job search, your willingness to consider alternative employment arrangements to solely long-term opportunities could significantly increase the likelihood of finding a role. For many, however, temporary employment can be seen in an unfavorable light or be shrouded in uncertainty. The value in temporary employment ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder. We can, however, examine the positive and negative elements often associated with temporary roles.

PRO – Temporary roles can provide a potential pathway to a permanent role with an organization. Whether the role is designed as a trial period for a lengthier commitment, or the employee simply outperforms expectations and is offered a role out of a desire to keep them around, it is possible that a temporary role can open the door at a company for a permanent role.

PRO – Temporary roles provide opportunity to experience a company before a long-term commitment is made. Getting a feel for a company’s culture and workflow through temporary work is an invaluable insight into whether there is a long-term fit.

PRO – Temporary work can provide a valuable stop gap between lengthier career stops. Life events, such as a the COVID-19 pandemic, often create gaps on resumes that can be difficult to explain in job interviews. Temporary work can keep your skills fresh and keep your resume from presenting any such issues.

PRO OR CON – Benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc.) within temporary work vary by company and industry. Some temporary roles provide the opportunity for benefits, while others do not.

CONS – Temporary employment lacks the commitment and stability of long-term employment. This often means a continued job search while starting your new temporary role. It also carries a degree of long-term financial insecurity.

CONS – Being a staff member at a company often has a different social feeling than being a temporary employee. This can often leave temporary employees feeling as though they are separate from the long-term staff, whether management’s behavior or treatment reflects this belief or not.

Temporary employment can provide tremendous opportunity for career growth and advancement. It can provide a life preserver in more turbulent times. If you’re considering whether temporary employment is right for you, we encourage you to visit our Available Openings section and browse the Global Consulting Services openings for a current list of our offerings.