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Diversity & Inclusion

Most business leaders today understand the value of having a diverse and inclusive team, but that doesn’t mean they know how to build one. Despite the increased recognition of the value diversity brings to a business, women and professionals of color remain under-represented across the financial services sector, particularly at the leadership level. 

Madison Davis is proud to work with companies that prioritize diverse and inclusive recruiting practices. When you contact us with opportunities for your business, you can rest assured you’ll receive a candidate pool that matches the diversity of the talent market. We practice what we preach in regard to DEI, too, with a team of diverse recruiters from various backgrounds.

Our approach to recruitment diversity

Diversity doesn’t just happen. It needs to be created with intention. Particularly in industries like finance that have historically had a fairly homogenous workforce, companies that want to build a more diverse team can’t just wait for the solution to come, but instead need to be an active part of that solution.

One common issue preventing companies from achieving their diversity hiring goals is that they repeatedly search for the same candidate background they’ve hired before. This narrow view of what makes an applicant suitable for the role ultimately prevents companies from identifying and hiring candidates who are equally qualified and capable of succeeding in the role.

Our job as recruiters is, first and foremost, to present the most diverse slate of candidates that the current market can offer. When this diversity doesn’t exist yet for a position, we work with the hiring team to help create it. Our industry expertise gives us a thorough understanding of the needs for each role, allowing us to assist hiring managers in identifying which qualifications are must-haves and which can be trained or taught to the right candidate. This collaboration has proven to result in more diverse teams and new hires.

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