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While some commonalities are shared across the financial and technology sectors, each company’s roles and hiring needs are unique. At Madison-Davis, we aim not just to find you any candidate but to bring you talent that understands your open opportunities’ specific responsibilities, and challenges. This is why we do an in-depth discovery and vetting process for every candidate we represent and only connect you with individuals who aren’t just highly qualified but are excited to bring their talents to your organization.

Our Recruitment Process

Step 1

Learn your needs

We identify and discuss your hiring needs in our areas of expertise to ensure we fully understand the role. At the same time, we provide insights into the current employment market and outline realistic options and expectations for the candidates we expect to find.

Step 2

Select candidates

Using the information gained during our conversation, we search our talent database and networks to identify the best candidates for your role(s). Once we’ve identified potential candidates, we explain the opportunity to them in detail and vet them thoroughly before passing their resumes on to your team.

Step 3

Coordinate interviews

We present the top candidates we’ve identified to your team with a comprehensive summary of their backgrounds and all pertinent information you’ll need to choose the strongest contenders. Once you’ve selected your top candidates, we assist with scheduling the interviews and discuss how they went after with both candidates and the hiring team.

Step 4

Extend the offer

If candidates are being interviewed by multiple clients, we keep your team informed of their progress so you don’t lose a favorite candidate to another opportunity. After all the interviews are conducted, we help your team to choose the one that best meets your needs

Step 5

Negotiate offers

Candidate expectations have changed over the past few years, which presents a challenge for hiring teams. We draw on our knowledge about the job market to help you prepare an offer that will entice them to join your team.

Step 6

Support through onboarding

We aim for all of our placements to be a great long-term fit and do everything in our power to make sure that’s the case. This includes helping guide them through the onboarding process and checking in after to ensure the new role meets everyone’s expectations.

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