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Job Seekers

The candidates we represent aren’t just looking for any job. They want a role that will advance their career, with a company that respects their work and fully values the talents they contribute to the team. At Madison-Davis, we dive deep into each role and company to identify its specific needs and culture, then align them to the needs of our clients to find an ideal match. When you work with our recruiters, you can count on them delivering, not just a new job, but the perfect opportunity for your life and future.

Our Recruitment Process

Step 1

Learn your needs

No one knows the type of role you’re looking for better than you do. We get to know your background and what you want from your next job, drawing on our expertise to set realistic expectations about the opportunities we have available that would be an ideal fit.

Step 2

Identify relevant roles

Once we’ve verified that our recruiters can help you, we explain our current opportunities in detail, including the companies’ corporate structures and cultures and the specific terminology these organizations look for on a resume.

Step 3

Prepare and submit your resume

We examine your resume in detail and discuss your background to identify which skills and previous roles will present the strongest application for employers. Once this is finalized, we review your resume to ensure it’s formatted correctly and there are no errors before submitting it.

Step 4

Schedule interviews

For any employers who aren’t interested, we review their feedback and use it to improve your future applications. For those who are, we coordinate the interviews and help you prepare so that you have the best possible chance to be placed in the position.

Step 5

Negotiate offers

If more than one company is ready to extend an offer, we help you to decide which one best fits your needs. However many offers you get, we fight to ensure they give you the compensation you deserve and guide you through the negotiation process.

Step 6

Guidance through onboarding

We don’t disappear once you’ve signed an offer. Our goal is for the candidates we place to be successful in the long term, and we do what we can to ensure a smooth onboarding process to give you the best possible start in your new role.

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